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Mule Deer

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Wyoming Big Game Hunts

Offering Wyoming mule deer hunts, Wyoming elk hunts and Wyoming antelope hunts.

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Mule Deer

Triple Three Outfitters ltd.riple Three Outfitters Ltd. is located northwest of Buffalo, Wyoming on the east slope of the Bighorn Mountains in north central Wyoming. We offer fully-guided hunts for elk, deer and antelope. Hunts will be conducted on over 100,000 private acres that we have been managing for many years. I am also licensed to hunt thousands of acres of BLM and U.S. Forest Service land. I feel we have some of the most game-rich country in the west. We hunt primarily on foot, spot and stalk, using 4 wheel drive outfits to access our vast country. Horses are used on some deer hunts and all of our elk hunts. We have one guide per two hunters and a full time cook in camp on all hunts. Hunter's game will be taken into town for processing. You can take your meat with you or ship it home. We have a taxidermist in our main camp that will assist you with your trophy preparations whether you choose to have your head mounted here or take it home with you. Hunters need to bring only personal gear, rifle, bow, binoculars, camera and sleeping bag. A detailed list will be sent upon booking your hunt.

I have been a licensed outfitter in Wyoming since 1994 and use only state licensed guides. Outfitting is my only business and not a sideline. I take great pride in producing successful hunts for my clients and value their repeat business. If you come to hunt with me I assure you of a first class experience and 100% effort by my crew and myself. I will be present on most hunts and always reachable during your hunt.

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Triple Three Ranch Pack Hourses

Wyoming Archery Hunts

Deer and Antelope
September 1-30 (5 Day Hunt)
Deer and Antelope season opens September 1st. We have a private ranch just for archery hunts. You will see many animals as they are not disturbed by outside hunting. Deer are hunted from ground blinds and still hunting. We also use the "spot and stalk" method during midday lulls in feeding activity. Antelope are hunted at water holes in early September and by decoying in the latter part of September when the rut is on. Both methods are very effective on this Prairie Speedster. If you want to get into the Pope & Young records, antelope would be a good start.

We have a 100% shooting opportunity for the last 7 years.

Triple Three Outfitters Archery Hunt Mule Deer Triple Three Outfitters Archery Hunt Antelope Triple Three Outfitters Archery Hunt Antelope

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Triple Three Outfitters Archery Hunt Elk

September 1-30 (5 Day Hunt)
We have two camps in the Bighorn Mountains for archery elk hunting. For those who want a true wilderness experience my wall tent camp at 8,500' would be the choice. Camp is reached by 4WD. We use horses and walking to travel from camp to hunt the high country. Hunters can be sure of Spectacular Scenery and an abundance of elk to hunt. This camp is operated under a special use permit by the U.S. Forest Service.

For those wanting a little more comfort I have a private ranch hunt out of a cabin at 6,500'. Camp consists of a cabin with stone fireplace, indoor plumbing, gas lights, no electric & no phone. Our private mountain ranch has a good population of elk & deer. Snow in the high country pushes additional elk onto the property.

Hunting methods from either camp is by bugling and cow talking along with stands & blinds set up at active elk wallows. We normally have 100% shooting opportunity and over 50% kill.

Triple Three Outfitters Archery Hunt Elk Triple Three Outfitters Archery Hunt Elk

Wyoming Rifle Hunts

Deer & Antelope
October 1-November 15 (5 Day Hunt)
Antelope and Mule Deer Season runs Oct. 1 to Oct. 31 with Antelope and Whitetail hunts running into November. These hunts will be from the ranch with comfortable cabins with full bath and propane heat for lodging. We like to keep our hunts to eight people maximum unless YOU make the exception. On a typical hunt, you will see several trophy-class Antelope and Deer. We call trophy Antelope 13" or better; deer 24" spread or better. Success rates near 100% the last 7 years.

Triple Three Outfitters Hunt Mule Deer Triple Three Outfitters Hunt Antelope Triple Three Outfitters Hunt Whitetail Deer Triple Three Outfitters Hunt Mule Deer Triple Three Outfitters Hunt Mule Deer Triple Three Outfitters Hunt Mule Deer

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October 15-November 15
Elk Hunts during the rifle season are conducted on our private mountain ranch on the face of the Bighorn Mountains. Lodging will be in cabins with wood heat. This ranch has been producing trophy bulls for our clients for many years and the hunting keeps getting better each year! No Grizzly and No Wolves yet! Hunters can add deer and antelope to their elk hunt on a trophy fee basis. Guide service is 2x1 with a full time cook in camp. 90% shooting opportunity and 75% kill last 7 years.

Triple Three Outfitters Bow Hunt Elk

November 1-30 (4 Day Hunt)
We save the month of November for trophy Whitetail hunting. The Bucks will be rutting then and would be a good time to take a trophy you can be proud of. They really grow BIG here in Wyoming! Success rates near 100% the last 7 years.

Prairie Dog Hunts
May 20 - July 15
Fully guided prairie dog hunts on exclusively leased, 100% private land. Expect to shoot 200-300 hundred shots per day, per hunter. Comfortable shooting benches. Groups welcome. 3 day hunt, lodging and lunch included. Call for pricing.

Triple Three Outfitters Mountain View

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hunting Wyoming

  • What's the best rifle to bring?

    Deer and antelope are best hunted with a flat shooting caliber - .270 - 7mm and up is good. Elk rifles should be at least .270, with 7mm and .300 mag big favorites. Most important: Bring a gun you can shoot accurately out to 300 yards....and PRACTICE.

  • How do I get a license?

    Elk license applications must be in Cheyenne by Jan. 31, Deer and Antelope by March 15. Licenses are awarded on a computer draw. Upon booking, we will handle all license applications for you.

  • How do I book a hunt?

    For booking dates contact us early, as we book one year in advance. A 1/3 deposit will hold your hunt. If you don't draw a license, your deposit will be refunded or it can be held for a hunt the following year. Most hunters draw licenses. Approximately 90% success on drawing.

  • What kind of success ratio can I expect?

    We hunt wild, free ranging big game in the most prime habitat in the west. Due to the limited number of hunters and experienced licensed guides, we can be proud of having the highest success rate possible on the game we hunt. Physical fitness and marksmanship play an important part in success ratios.

  • What is your Guarantee?

    We guarantee 100% effort in assisting you to your goal of taking an Elk, Deer or Antelope you can be proud of. We can't control weather, marksmanship or Lady Luck. We do guarantee a shot at a legal animal on any Deer & Antelope Hunt or you can keep hunting at no extra charge until you DO get a shot!

I hope I have answered most of your questions - I would be happy to speak to you on the phone anytime, I love to talk hunting. All in all your best bet is to talk to some of our past hunters (call for references or check our reviews). Full for 2015 booking 2016 and 2017 now!

Triple Three Outfitters
Triple Three Outfitters - Buffalo Triple Three Outfitters Triple Three Outfitters Triple Three Outfitters Triple Three Outfitters Triple Three Outfitters

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For more information, prices, or to book a hunt, call:

Phil Rutt - (717) 940-5964

333 French Creek Road
Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
e-mail: triplethreeoutfitters@aol.com

Wyoming Outfitter License #BG030

Operating under a USDA National Forest special use permit on the Bighorn
and Powder River Ranger Districts and we are a equal opportunity employer and provider.

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